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LDG Presents: The Reality Behind Kinky Porn

ldg june 2018 reality.jpg

Join Paul Johnson (aka Paul Wilde) for a firsthand look inside the gay porn industry and its ever-changing relationship to kink. We’ll explore what goes on behind the camera, the fantasy of what we see in porn versus the reality of what we do in the playroom, and common misconceptions kinky porn creates.  We’ll even examine how kinky porn is evolving from a commercial product into an authentic expression of an individual’s sexuality while Paul offers tips on how to improve your own videos.


Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson (aka Paul Wilde) is a BDSM educator, mentor, embodiment coach, and longtime kinkster based in San Francisco. He joined Titan Media in 2006 as an assistant and eventually became Production Manager directing more than 65 movies including Titan’s “Rough” series. Paul is involved with the LDG Mentoring Program, The 15 Association, SF Ring, Easton Mountain, and Body Electric. He believes kinky play inspires us to be present, be deeply intimate with our partners, explore our primal sexual energies, and to have a whole lot of fun.


Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber has a strong pedigree both in the leather and kink communities, beginning in NYC as a volunteer for the Folsom Street East Festival. He sleeps in a bondage bed he built himself and is an extremely skilled and mischievous player. Dirk ventured into gay porn around the beginning of this decade and since then has become one of its biggest and most enduring stars. As well as being one of the minority of performers in extremely kinky porn who actually enjoys it. Not just a pretty face, he’s also an accomplished composer, a renowned tuba player, as well as being an all round smartypants, charming, witty and quite lovely to boot. With boots on.