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Board Alumni

CHAD LEE (Super Volunteer 2010-2014) finds being active in LDG personally fulfilling because he is able to welcome others to our leather tribe – and be welcomed in return. While relatively new to the S.F. leather community, he has lived and spoken openly about his leather lifestyle since the 1990s in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles, his first two “hometowns.” Chad is also an active member of the Defenders/SF.


PATRICK MULCAHEY (Program Director 2010-2014) speaks and teaches on leather, SM, and Master/slave topics, and writes regular columns for Leatherati and Growing Pains, the Society of Janus newsletter. He is chapter director for MAsT: San Francisco and has served as a judge for the International Master/slave, International Leather SIR/boy, and International Mr. Leather contests. Patrick was named 2011 Bay Area Leather Alliance Man of the Year and has received the Leatherman's Heart Award, the Robert Davolt “Spirit of Leather" Award, the 2013 Pantheon of Leather Northern California Regional Award, and the 2014 National Leather Association Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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