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Board of Directors


RYAN MATTSON (Board Officer: Chairman)

After discovering leather in early 2003, Ryan has continued to engage himself in the community through social events, volunteering and kinky play. In February 2012, Ryan helped found the Young Leathermen's Discussion Group (YLDG) with the aim to educate and discuss important issues that impact and concern the younger generation of Leathermen.



Thao Hill (Board Officer: Secretary)

Thao spent his 20s coming out in New Orleans, but secretly sneaking off to the Phoenix and the Rawhide in his leather harness and hanging from the rafters.  After Hurricane Katrina, he made his next move to San Francisco. He spent his 30s with a tech startup, and was a senior executive of the company for 9 years until it was sold in 2014.  His sexual exploration during this time was largely hidden (and tormented).

When he turned 40 in 2015, he came out kinky, and was welcomed into a leather family that he continues to cherish today.  After attending his first LDG meeting with Sir Race Bannon in August 2015, he’s been volunteering for LDG and YLDG Meetings every month since.  2016 saw him attend his first IML, his first public play party, his first Gear Up Weekend, his first Mr. SF Leather Contest weekend (where he served on the volunteer committee as head of audience engagement), his first Leather Walk,  his first SF Pride Parade in the Leather Contingent, and his first live demo performances. His goal is to help those other “kinky closeted” gay men find a home in LDG where they can explore their truth.

Robert "Robear" Lizardy (Board Officer: Treasurer)

Robert is a newer member to the leather/kink community here in the Bay Area though he has lived in San Francisco for almost 10 years. Robert first discovered LDG about 4 years ago when his mentor and Daddy, Blade Bannon, invited him to a monthly event; from that point forward he was hooked. Since then Robert has served the community as a mentor with the LDG Mentoring Program offered by Richard Sprott, volunteered when possible for LDG programs and special events like Fetish Fair and Folsom, and has been exploring many different kinks, though already has a deep fondness for bondage and flogging (hint, hint). Other than grooming his beard, Robert is in the final steps of becoming a Licensed MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist) and hopes to continue to support and advance this community in both his personal and professional lives.

Dónal Mooney (Board Member: Director of Programming)

An English transplant to the Bay Area, married, collared.  After 25 years of having hardly any sex with anyone, and none with men, Dónal found gay and kinky sex almost simultaneously. His first kinks were bondage and wrestling, and from that point on he just kept exploring, because his favorite thing is pushing boundaries.

Dónal worked for 11 years in gay men's health promotion in London, and has delivered both kink and vanilla sex workshops in London, Atlanta and Cleveland. He has also performed live shows at parties in London, Berlin, Chicago and San Francisco. In 2008, Dónal accidentally won the very first Mr. Eagle London contest, which led to his filming a few pieces of porn, and he prefers to assume that no one has ever seen it, but is very happy to know if people have enjoyed it.

Dónal is hoping to bring his skills and passion for helping other people push the limits of what they can enjoy to the programs at LDG


Blade Bannon (Board Member: Volunteer Coordinator)

Blade Bannon has served in the Leather community for over three decades. He’s held multiple titles as a representative of the leather, BD/SM, kink, community.  Some of these titles include, Bum Steer Drummer boy 1991, Mr. Charlie’s Leather 1993, Southwest Mr. Drummer 1993 and AZ Mr. Leather Sir 2008. He was honored to serve many times as a judge, tally master, Den Daddy and emcee during his service in the southwest region.  

Blade has devoted much of his time to the community in different ways.  He’s held many leadership roles which include the offices of Secretary, Vice President and President of the Universal Brotherhood of the Leatherlords.  He has given educational workshops on various BD/MS, kink and fetish topics as well as being a published author in this field.   He has donated his time and/or money to many charity and health organizations. Some of which include: Volunteers in Direct Aid (VIDA) Logan’s Play Ground, Homeward Bound, Community Youth Center Phoenix and bay area, Meals on Wheels, Body Positive, Magnet, MS150, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and  many more. He is currently serving an active member of the LDG Mentoring program and as Volunteer Coordinator.

ERIK WILL (Board Member: Technology and Marketing) has been helping makes things go since 2011 after volunteering for Mark Frazier's Breath Play presentation and organizing elves for the 15th anniversary party in 2011. Erik is honored to be named 2013 "Man of the Year" by the Bay Area Leather Alliance, along with Rich Stadtmiller. Erik is the service switch in an open cascading power dynamic polysplatter ("Sir, I'm working on my compersion, Sir!"). Out #TruvadaWhore. Enthusiastic GearUp Attendee. Proud member of The 15 Association. Daddy hunter. Boy


DADDY ROBERT (Board Member: Volunteer Coordinator)

Part newbie and part not, Daddy Robert has been active in the San Francisco leather community for only about three years – and he is delighted that the fantasy/ reading/ preparatory stage is over! Robert works in social services professionally and has attended numerous BDSM workshops and play events public and private (e.g., Gear Up Weekend).