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LDG Mentoring Program


The 2019 mentoring cycle is closed to new applications. 2020 mentoring cycle starts in December 2019, so mark your calendars and book this page.

If you have general questions about the program or are interested in joining the 2020 mentoring program please contact administrator Richard Sprott.

2019 Schedule

  • Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - Learn about the mentoring program at the next LDG Program

  • Sunday 1/13/19 3-5 pm Mentees’ Orientation

  • Saturday 1/19/19 2-4 pm Mentors’ Orientation

  • Wednesday 1/30/19 7:30pm Matching Meeting

  • Thursday 1/31/19 online Matches made, intro by email

  • Saturday 3/2/19 2:30-4:30 pm Mentoring Group Meeting - Show and Tell

  • Wednesday 3/20/19 7:30pm Mentoring Group Meeting - Negotiation, Consent, Aftercare

  • Saturday 4/13/19 2 pm Mentoring Group Meeting - Special Presenter

  • Wednesday 5/15/19 7:30pm Mentoring Group Meeting - Peer Check In

  • Wednesday 6/19/19 7:30pm Mentoring Group Meeting - Leather Families

  • Wednesday 7/17/19 7:30pm Mentoring Group Meeting - “I’ve always wondered about….”

    (unusual kinks)

  • Saturday 8/24/19 2-4pm Mentoring Group Meeting - Special Presenter

  • Wednesday 9/18/18 7:30pm Conclusion - claim the journey, wrap up the Mentoring Cycle

Learn More

This video (Filmed Nov 28, 2018) features Richard Sprott, the program admin, and several mentors and mentees from the previous cycle.

The LDG Mentor Program

Image courtesy of  Tyger Yoshi

Image courtesy of Tyger Yoshi

LDG has been an educational and social hub of the San Francisco Leather Community since 1996. Come to one of our programs or events and you'll find friendly, smart, hot men who experience dominance and submission in pup play, leather, rubber, kink, BDSM, gear, Master/slave protocols, bondage, and more... and they can help you figure that out for yourself.

The LDG Mentor Program helps pair up newer, curious, men seeking experiences with men who have been there and can help. This program isn't dating, hooking up with, playing with, or fucking the person you're paired with: It's about networking with the community and learning from others how to examine your desires and experiences so you can. Example: You want to experience flogging. Your mentor won't flog you, but he can help you learn how to find, approach, and negotiate a hot scene with an experienced flogging top in the community.

Are you right for The LDG Mentor Program?

This program isn't for everyone. You will need to offer 2 references who can vouch for your motivation to follow through and meet with your mentor at least twice per month for the entire 12 month program length. At each meeting YOU will drive the conversation with your mentor, bring him questions and topics to explore. You've been around for a year or so, attending contests, Gearup events, play parties, LDG programs, club or Folsom events, etc.). And of course, this is for folks who identify primarily as gay men and are at least 18 years old. If that doesn't describe you well, check out Queer Sphere's mentoring program for queer-identified people, and Society of Janus' mentoring program which is pansexual, open to folks of all genders and sexual orientations.

How do we choose our mentors?

Image courtesy of  Tyger Yoshi

Image courtesy of Tyger Yoshi

Our mentors have at least 10 years of kink experience. They're active members of the leather and kink community in the bay area and have a social network. They embody authenticity, integrity, commitment to the health of the men’s leather/kink community, creativity, openness to experience, open-mindedness, perseverance, compassion, loyalty, fairness, humility, self-control, optimism, and playfulness.


How does it work?

We set up a "speed dating" event for folks to socialize and evaluate each other. Based on your notes and application, our coordinator will match you with a mentor and introduce you so you can begin meeting. You set up a schedule and some goals, and you're off! Our coordinator checks in frequently to keep things on track.

Is it safe?

Yep. You can vet any member of our board of directors or mentors to understand who we are and how seriously we take this. Sometimes "big stuff" comes up when you explore edgier sex play, and we know how to handle that too: we have a handful of kink-aware and friendly mental health pros and resources ready to help out if things get heavy. All of our board is on our facebook group. You may ask openly about us to get a idea of who we are and how we run things.