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San Francisco Kinky Resources

San Francisco is graced with an unprecedented number of interesting things for The Discerning Kinky Gentlemen to do. We are also blessed with notable folks who make it their business to stay on top of such things, one of them being our good friend Race Bannon. In addition to a distinguished kinkster resume, he is our current EBAR Leather Columnist (following in the footsteps of Mr. Marcus and Scott Brogan), a prolific blogger, and the moderator of what may be the Ultimate Guide To Being Kinky In Northern California, by way of a his facebook group entitled "Race's Bar" (This group's membership is restricted to folks who identify as kinky guys.)

Here at LDG, we aren't shy about crediting Race's Bar as our primary resource for calendar events of interest to the men's kink community, which we publish in our monthly newsletter (Protip: sexy people subscribe to our newsletter and are 480% more likely to get laid than people who don't. Fact.). Yep, we crib them from Race's Bar. So if you are so inclined, you should join this excellent group on facebook.