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LDG Presents: The Art of Fisting

  • SF Catalyst 1160 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)
ldg july 2018 fisting.jpg

You reach up and grasp the chains, shocked by how cold they are compared to the heat of your body. You look down between your legs into his eyes to see his look of intensity and wonder. “You’re such a good boy. Give me more.” he rumbles, the growl making you vibrate in your core, and you know you will. The pushing and pulling and sliding and delicious itching sensations overwhelm your entire body with need. You’re scared of that unbearable stretch and feeling of fullness, but so hungry for so much more. “Breathe with me.” he urges, as the hot tide takes on an unstoppable rhythm, coming and going, ebbing and flowing more each time… and then it goes right over the edge and your entire body explodes in fireworks. For a moment your world is just a subsonic thumping of a bass drum. As tunnel vision fades, you realize that growing thump is your own pulse hammering into his wrist and up his arm in an intimate conversation between your body and the man who now controls you with animal sensations...

Kick your Dore Alley weekend off early with us Wednesday July 25th at the SF Catalyst play space on Folsom Street.

Fisting superstar/Raven's Porn Award winner HungerFF and newcomer Logan Hawk are going to take it like the champion pigs they are for your viewing pleasure. No commentary, no instructions, just hot handball action. Once they've wiped down, we'll have a little fireside chat to find out how they developed the ability to take an arm so deep, and the burgeoning community of very out and proud fist fuckers assisted by social media. 

There will be no live stream for this show for obvious reasons. We look forward to seeing you at SF Catalyst (1160 Folsom St.)




Our first guest, presenter, and legendary powerbottom of the evening is HungerFF.

Originally from Detroit, MI, HungerFF began his career in the adult industry as Raging Stallion’s youngest exclusive, RJ Danvers. After nearly a decade out of the industry, he made his return on xTube as HungerFF, racking up nearly 3 million views on his videos in his first year back. His channel caught the attention of Dark Alley Media’s Matthias Von Fistenberg, who approached him about working together on a new venture with the company, the upcoming fisting site, Fist Alley. Together with Von Fistenberg, HungerFF is headlining the new site as the first exclusive model. At just 29 years old, HungerFF has one of the deepest, widest holes on the internet. He updates new content regularly on Twitter and other social media sites. In addition to fisting, his other interests include comic books, weight lifting, video games and his pit bull, Emma (named after Emma Frost of the X-Men).

image1 (1).jpeg

Logan Hawk has been involved with the leather and kink communities in a variety of capacities over the years. Originally from the East Coast, Logan is now a San Francisco resident and enjoys being on the receiving end of a wide range of play fetishes. He looks forward to his first public demo with LDG and is excited to share his experiences, meet new friends, and learn more.