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Mind Fucks, with Frank Strona & Blade Bannon

  • Mr. S Leather Studio 385a 8th Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)
May 2018 Mindfuck Copy 2.jpg

Mind Fucks, with Frank Strona & Blade Bannon

Join the Bay Area’s own Blade Bannon and Frank Strona for an evening of stories, tips and maybe some not so comfortable moments of “squirm in your seat” anticipation as they bring to life an evening of Mind Fuck; the best tool in a players toy box.

Both long time sex and fetish players, Frank and Blade share a passion for blending the way a person perceives, assumes and believes as a component to adding some extra excitement to play. During the evening both will share some examples of how they capitalized on the power of the mind to enhance the sexual momentum during a scene. As an added bonus, to make more interactive, they are inviting you to bring a small non sexual prop and they will facilitate a game of “Spontaneous Mind Fuck” by using selected props and how they (and others might use them) to bump up the tension in a scene. 



Frank Strona's vast experience in the BDSM and leather realm coupled with his public health, new media technologies and education backgrounds offers a unique skill set and background few other kinksters likely possess. Frank's tireless efforts include being a widely published writer as well as a much sought after international BDSM and health educator, trainer and mentor. Frank is deeply committed to improving sexual expression in all forms and he leverages his professional and education backgrounds along with his extensive experience as a leatherman to provide a rich and safe experience for people to grow and engage in life as an engaged participant.

Frank Strona represents the best we can hope for our community; a voice for diversity, acceptance and health who understands the assets that being at the table as an out gay leatherman has and how to leverage that power to make change. A long-time local Bay Area sexual health specialist, Frank’s been in active pursuit to improve, educate and promote gay/bi/trans men's health and sex that incorporates more than the classic “cultural competencies.” Instead, Frank reenforces that “we” in the leather/kink community have to be part of not only the developing of our health responses – we have to be part of the delivery agents as well.

Frank specializes in customized themes dealing with the unique dialogues that gay men often have, especially in today’s growing internet-based meeting pool;  with casual sex and BDSM relationships, theory, and techniques to men and women one-on-one, in couples, and in groups, shedding light on topics like intimacy, breaking taboos and fear, boundaries, communication, fetishes, dating, sex parties, and bridging the monogamy/nonmonogamy debate. He has hosted, developed and presented workshops on a wide range of topics including Sexual Health prevention, understanding the pleasure of sex between men, BDSM/Fetish Burnout, and Substance Use and Recovery to more creative themed presentations including Anal play, Watersports, Body Modification and Scarification.

Frank has been working around sex issues both in print and in person for almost 30 ears. Specializing in groups often overlooked by mainstream and federally funded programs, he aims at education and growth for all, regardless of how one likes sex. Frank's past achievements include stints as a columnist and blogger for, Frontiers, Bear Party and Instigator Magazines; Coordinating Editor for Boston's Gay Community News; former Associate Publisher for Bear and Powerplay magazines; former Director of Marketing for Drummer Magazine and Desmodus Publications; and as a Sex Educator for the Harvey Milk Institute and the Learning Annex.

You can follow Frank's professional interests on digital technology, public health and distance-based education via twitter @FVStrona, seek out his coaching and professional side at  or follow his musings on life outside of work on  


Blade Bannon has served in the Leather community for more than three decades. He’s held multiple titles as a representative of the leather, BD/SM, kink, community.  Some of which include Bum Steer Leather Boy 1991, Mr. Charlie’s Leather 1993 and Southwest Mr. Drummer 1993.  He has given educational workshops on BD/MS, kink and fetish topics as well as being a published author in this field.  Over the years, he has served his community in many roles which include the offices of Secretary, Vice President and President of the Universal Brotherhood of the Leather Lords in Phoenix, AZ, VIDA, Body Positive, Meals on wheels and Magnet.  He has donated his photography and money to many charity and health organizations. Blade is currently serving as an active member of the LDG board as Volunteer Coordinator as well as an active member of the LDG Mentoring Program.