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Volunteer with LDG at Folsom Street Fair

Thank you for considering volunteering with us. We are a beneficiary of Folsom Street Events (the first local kinky org to be designated, in fact!) and they have asked us to help them produce the fair. Its fun, you get access to a clean, calm, cool colunteer rest/chill area in the midst of it all (including clean bathrooms!) and you're doing good: the grant we hope to earn from Folsom will enable us to buy some kick ass video equipment which will let us create beautifully produced, multi-cam angle recordings of our programs instantly! People around the world will be able to see what it is that we do, and that's a good thing.

The volunteer shifts will become available in waves over the next few weeks and starting right now, so please click the tickets link right away to choose a shift that works well for you. Please be sure to designate SFLDG as the beneficiary so that your help will count towards our grant participation.

Ticket Links for Magnitude Shifts: 

Ticket Links for Folsom Street Fair Shifts:

Thank you!