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LDG Presents: Reasonable Pup Play with PupBoss

ldg septmber 2018 no lol.jpg

This workshop focuses on finding reasonable ways to engage in human pup play and not be an idiot. Covering the field of fun from first encounters to the nuts and bolts of activity, and how to deal with some issues that can occur. Anyone (18+) is welcome to attend, whether you are into human pup or just curious, it is a chance to hear how it is handled "aussie" style. It is a chance to see a nuanced approach to the fetish and its place in BDSM. No matter how you identify your role, there is something for you in this workshop. The presentation style is focused on enabling attendees to do practical things and leave better able to engage in human pup play or with human pups. That's the goal! 


PupBoss is a leading figure in the fetish of Human Pup Play, having created one of the first openly known Packs - Sirius Pup. He has been training human pups for almost two decades now. Human Pup Play has been his passion, and PupBoss has had the opportunity to teach in USA, Europe, Asia, and of course his regular events in Australia. The Sirius Pup training focuses on practical and evidence based behaviour, with the pleasure being had in a framework of ethics and purpose. All his workshops strive to have attendees leave with at least one new skill under their belt.