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The Joys Of Fresh Meat

  • Mr. S Leather Studio 385a 8th Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)

There is a conflict between preserving the thrill of belonging an edgy minority, as a leatherman or kinkster, and making your community accessible. Plus there’s something particularly fun about the secret part of belonging to a secret club. But before we take our secret too seriously, let’s remember that the world of kink is a stage, and all the Sirs and boys are merely players, and if we don’t encourage other people to join in and play their part, the stage will get more empty and less interesting.

Of course, surly and intimidating men in leather peering disdainfully at you from under their muir caps can be hot as fuck. But if you’re just scaring people off instead of luring them, in you’ve probably gone too far.

And sure, when you yearn for your kink, often you just want to know your partner can get the job done, and a beginner ain’t gonna cut it. But one of the most fun things you can do in kink is being part of helping someone else discover it. And if you find it hard to find the perfect boy or Daddy, then what are you doing to help new people into the community, to increase the size and diversity of people in the pool?

Normally LDG offers you someone with years of experience to share their story or their expertise. This month we’re hearing from newcomers from the last couple of years, to be reminded how many thrills we can give them on their journeys of discovery, and what a gift their passion can be to us.

Inspiration for newcomers and old timers alike.

WHEN: Wednesday May 24th 7:30-9:30pm (doors open at 7pm)
WHERE: Mr. S Studio
ADDRESS: 385A 8th Street (second floor, accessible by stairs only)
VIDEO: Available on our Facebook Live: (Be sure to click follow, then select the edit button under the "following" menu to turn on live notifications!)