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Kinky Guys with Vanilla Partners


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Kinky Guys with Vanilla Partners

  • Mr. S Leather Studio 385a 8th Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)

What happens if you’re kinky and the person you love isn’t?  How did that come about and how to navigate the situation is May’s panel discussion topic.  We’ll look at how different guys meet their needs for kink and maintain their primary, non-kinky relationship.  Come join us for this fascination discussion.

BILL BAIRD has been active in the leather/kink community for over 25 years. He co-founder the Defenders/San Francisco, served on the Board of the Leathermen’s Discussion Group, and was an original member of Leather Traditions.
He has been in service to Mick Sheppard for over 20 years. From time-to-time Bill has had a boy of his own (with his Master’s consent).  As to roles, he is 80% submissive/20% dominant, with the same ratio for masochist/sadist.  That means that even when in a top mode, he enjoys being on the receiving end of a BDSM scene.
Bill met his life partner, now husband, in 1978, well before he became involved in the leather/kink scene. They have a home in San Francisco, but now spend most of their time at a LGBT retirement community in Santa Rosa. Bill’s husband is not involved in the leather scene, but understands that it is major aspect of Bill’s life.

CAL DOMINGUE, LMFT, is a San Francisco psychotherapist specializing in work with members of the LGBTQ & kink communities. He is a member of Kink-Aware Professionals as well as of Bay Area Open Minds, an organization of therapists who support all expressions of gender, sexuality, and sexual expression.
Cal has very privately explored kink for most of his life.  He has quietly been on the outskirts of the SF leather community for more than a decade, while becoming more visibly out in the community over the last couple of years. Cal currently resides in San Francisco with his primary (non-kinky) partner of 27 years and their 2 cats; he is also grateful to call Bill B his Sir. This polyamorous family arrangement became formalized in late summer 2015.
For professional or personal questions feel free to contact him at

JEFFREY WILLIAMS is a teacher, actor, and director who grew up in San Jose and has lived in the Castro district of San Francisco for the past 15 years.  

He has been in the Leather community for the past 12 years, participating in the periphery as time and his primary relationship would allow.  Jeffrey lives with his partner of 19 years and their 15 year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

Jeffrey is grateful for the camaraderie and love that have come from the relationships he has had with some wonderful men in the SF kink community.


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