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LDG Presents: Butthole Adventures

  • SF Catalyst 1060 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA (map)
2019-04 Butthole.png

These days, we celebrate our friends on social media who claim various accolades of more intense ass-play. Sometimes, in the heat of our own sessions, we aim towards similar adventures and go past our own personal best. Pushing beyond our previous boundaries and setting steeper goals can be fun, though it often requires preparation, training, and communication. Oh, and more LUBE of course!

Join LDG for a living room style discussion about exploring your own extremes, whether it is something for the first time or in much more depth. While there is delight in your new discoveries, there can also be roadblocks or missteps in the unknown adventure. Knowing your own bodies and communicating with your playmates is key to looking over that edge and going beyond your limits in a safe and consensual way.

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