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Chastity for 🍆 and 🏀🎱, with Handler Rice

  • Mr. S Leather 385A 8th Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)
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Chastity - the ultimate surrender?  The ultimate torment?  A paradoxically erotic thrill ride? Whatever it means to you, the number of people asking about chastity prove one thing: more people are openly curious about it right now than anything else.

This session will explore the urges that drive us to both short and long term chastity, the psychology of chastity devices and self-enforcement, what's in it for a key-holder, what the first 24 hours might feel like, and of course some terribly wonderful ways to have fun while someone is locked up.  



Handler Rice (our moderator) has been playing with kink since 2001, although his interest extends back to re-runs of the live action Batman & Robin.  His fascination with chastity began when he first realized that chastity devices existed, and he owns a modest collection of six chastity devices.  

A librarian by day, Rice is a firm believer in lifelong learning.