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LDG Presents: Deeply Personal Male Grooming with Joe The Barber

  • SF Catalyst 1060 Folsom Street San Francisco CA (map)
LDG 2019-01 .jpg

Hairy holes and groins like rhododendron bushes are things of natural beauty, but there’s a lot of kinky fun to be had from a deeply personal male grooming, besides the fact that your dick looks two inches bigger if it isn’t buried in two inches of fur. There’s the thrill of being several bucks beyond buck naked. There’s using a pubic trim or shearing as a mark of ownership. It’s less permanent or painful than a brand, but more appropriate for a first date. It can make all kinds of cock, ball and ass play easier and you expose more skin to sensory stimulation. And of course the act itself is an extremely intimate exchange of power.

This month, leatherman, leader and barber, Joe Gallagher [Joe The Barber], will try to teach us things we never knew we needed to know about a deeply personal male grooming. Expect extreme nudity.


A Philadelphia native, Joe lived in New York City from 1987 to 1998. He won International Mister Leather in 1996. Joe moved to San Francisco in 1998. He became a barber in 2002 and opened Joe’s Barbershop in 2004.

Pop Quiz

1. You are very well known in the leather community in SF and beyond. What do few people know about you, or what would surprise people to know about you?

I have a great family, really awesome people. I visit them in Philadelphia often.

2. What’s your favorite thing about San Francisco?

How kind the gay men generally are to each other here.

3. Do you watch Drag Race and if so who do you think is going into the hall of fame this season?

Never watched it. I hate all reality tv.

4. Are there any kinks you haven’t tried yet?

hmm... sure. but the ones I like are more fun to me.

5. What’s most likely to make you hard at the moment?

Tears and blood.

6. Do you still go cruising?


7. What are people’s biggest fears about having any hair removed from their person?


8. Have you ever deliberately fucked up a haircut because the customer was being a cunt?

NEVER see #2

9. If you had the six infinity stones mounted in the handle of a single tail, what problem would you fix for the leather community with a snap of your whip?

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